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  1. Design a wide band-pass filter with fCL = 200 Hz and fCU = 1kHz, and a pass-band gain = 4.
  2. Draw the frequency response plot of this filter.
  3. Calculate the value of Q for the filter.
  1. To design the low-pass section:
    fc = 1 kHz
    Let, C2 = 0.01 μF, R2 = Description: 5810.png
    To design the high-pass section:
    fc = 200 Hz
    Let, C1 = 0.05 μF, R1 = Description: 5877.png = 15.9 kΩ
    Since the band-pass gain is 4, the gain of both HP and LP sections could be set equal to 2.
    ∴ Description: 5883.png ⇒ Description: 5892.png
  2. The frequency response will be as shown below.
Description: 5836.png
Frequency response of Example (5)
  1. Resonant frequency, Description: 5899.png
    So, the quality factor, Description: 5905.png

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