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Operation of the Filter

The operation of the high-pass filter can be verified from the gain–magnitude equation as follows:
  1. At very low frequencies, i.e., f fcDescription: 4972.png < AF
Description: 4823.png
High pass filter characteristics
  1. At f = fcDescription: 4979.png = Description: 4985.png = 0.707 AF = –3 dB, φ = 45°
  2. At f >> fcDescription: 4991.png  AF

Filter Design

A high-pass active filter can be designed by implementing the following steps:
  1. A value of the cut-off frequency, ωc (or fc) is chosen.
  2. A value of the capacitance C, usually between 0.001 and 0.1 µF, is selected.
  3. The value of the resistance R is calculated using the relation,
    R = Description: 4997.png = Description: 5003.png
  4. Finally, the values of R1 and Rf are selected depending on the desired pass-band gain, using, the relation, AF = Description: 5009.png.

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