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Solved Problems-11

Calculate the impedance consisting of R and L and the power factor of a circuit whose expression for voltage and current are,
Description: 3717.png (V)
Description: 3723.png (A)
The fundamental frequency current,
Description: 3736.png(i)
The third harmonic current,
Description: 3742.png(ii)
Equating the magnitudes of (i),
Description: 3748.png
⇒ Description: 3754.png(iii)
Equating the angles of (i)
Description: 3760.png
⇒ Description: 3766.png

Putting in (iii), Description: 3772.png
⇒ Description: 3781.png
⇒ Description: 3787.png
Description: 3793.png

Power factor = Description: 3801.png
Description: 3807.png
= 0.69


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