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Solved Problems-13

In a linear circuit consisting of R = 9Ω and L = 8mH, a current,Description: 3884.png A is flowing. Find the equation of applied voltage.
Here, R = 9 Ω and L = 8 mH, Description: 4028.pngA

For DC component
Current, I0 = 5A, Z0 R = 9Ω
V0 = I0 × R = 5×9 = 45V

For first harmonic component
Current, Description: 4053.pngA
Impedance, Description: 4059.png
Description: 4070.png

For third harmonic component
Current, Description: 4076.pngA
Impedance, Description: 4083.png
Description: 4089.png
∴ applied voltage is given as,
Description: 4095.png.

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