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Solved Problems-15

Find the Fourier transform of the single triangular pulse shown in the adjacent figure and draw the continuous spectra.
The wave is, f(t) = Description: 4286.png
i.e., Description: 4292.png
and Description: 4298.png
⇒ Description: 4314.png
Description: 4320.png
Description: 4326.png
Description: 4335.png
Description: 4341.png
Description: 4347.png
Description: 4353.png
Description: 4359.png
Description: 4365.png
Description: 4371.png
Description: 4379.png
Description: 4387.png 
∴ Description: 4393.png

Bringing it into standard form,
Description: 4399.png Ans.
Its continuous amplitude spectrum is shown. The first zero occurs when, Description: 4405.png.

Description: 1908.png

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