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Solved Problems-7

Resolve the waveform of the adjacent figure into even and odd components and plot the two components.
Description: Description: 878.png
Let, f0(t) and fe(t) be respectively the odd and even parts of f(t)
∴ Description: Description: 5079.png(i)
∴ Description: Description: 5101.png(ii)

Solving (i) and (ii); Description: Description: 5110.png
and Description: Description: 5116.png

For the given waveform,
f(t) = 1; 0 < t < 1 ∴ fe(t) = Description: Description: 5123.png
and f(–t) = (t – 1); 0 < t < 1 and f0(t) = (1 – t/2)

Thus, the components are
Description: Description: 5130.png

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