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Electrical Resistance

Electrical resistance is a measure of the degree to which an object opposes an electric current through it.
The SI unit of electrical resistance is ohm (Ω). Its reciprocal quantity is electrical conductance measured in Siemens.


Capacitance is a measure of the amount of electric charge stored (or separated) for a given electric potential. The most common form of charge storage device is a two-plate capacitor.
Capacitor A capacitor is an electrical device that can store energy in the electric field between a pair of closely-spaced conductors. When current is applied to the capacitor, electric charges of equal magnitude, but opposite polarity, build up on each conductor.
Capacitors are occasionally referred to as condensers.


Inductance is the property by virtue of which a circuit opposes the changes in the value of a time-varying current flowing through it. Inductance causes opposition only to varying currents and does not cause any opposition to steady or direct current.

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