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Solved Problems-1

  1. Find the initial value of the function whose Laplace Transform is,
    V(s) = Description: Description: 7015.png
    Check the result by solving it for v(t).
  2. Find the final value of the function whose Laplace Transform is, I(s) = Description: Description: 7021.png
  1. By initial value theorem,
V(0+) = Description: Description: 7027.png
Description: Description: 7033.png
Description: Description: 7039.png
A sin θ 
In order to check this result, we find v(t) and then put t = 0.
v(t) = Description: Description: 7047.png
Description: Description: 7053.png
Description: Description: 7059.png
Description: Description: 7065.png
At t = 0, [Checked]
  1. By final value theorem,
Description: Description: 7080.png 
For checking it, Description: Description: 7086.png
At t = ∝, Description: Description: 7092.png

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