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Solved Problems-20

A voltage pulse of width b and magnitude 10V is applied at time t to a series RC circuit consisting of a resistor R = 1Ω and a capacitor C = Description: Description: 9547.pngF. Find the current i(t). Assume zero charge across the capacitor C before application of the voltage pulse.
The pulse voltage can be written as,.
Description: Description: 9553.png
Applying KVL for the RC series circuit with the pulse voltage,
Description: Description: 9559.png
Taking Laplace transform,
Description: Description: 9571.png
With zero initial voltage, substituting the values we get,
Description: Description: 9581.png
⇒ Description: Description: 9587.png
Taking inverse Laplace transform,
Description: Description: 9594.png

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