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Transient Analysis of Electric Circuits Using Laplace Transform

In electrical engineering, a transient response or natural response is the electrical response of a system to a change from equilibrium.
The condition prevailing in an electric circuit between two steady-state conditions is known as the transient state; it lasts for a very short time. The currents and voltages during the transient state are called transients.
In general, transient phenomena occur whenever
  1. a circuit is suddenly connected or disconnected to/from the supply,
  2. there is a sudden change in the applied voltage from one finite value to another,
  3. a circuit is short-circuited.
We consider the transient analysis for the following circuits subject to step input, impulse input and sinusoidal input:
  1. RL Series Circuit,
  2. RC Series Circuit,
  3. RLC Series Circuit, and
  4. RLC Parallel Circuit.

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