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Solved Problems-11

In the network shown, the power dissipated in R when E1E2 or E3 acting alone is
  1. 20 W, 80 W, and 5 W respectively.
  2. 30 W, 270 W, and 120 W respectively.
Description: 1152.png
Calculate the maximum power that R can dissipate due to the simultaneous action of all the sources. Calculate both for (a) and (b).
What will be the minimum power dissipated in R when all the sources are acting simultaneously?
Current for E1 at RDescription: 6037.png
Current for E2 at Ri2 = ±Description: 6043.png
Current for E3 at Ri3 = ±Description: 6049.png
∴ Total current flow for simultaneous action of all the three sources is,
Description: 6055.png
∴ Description: 6061.png
  • For maximum power,
Pmax = Description: 6069.png
  1. Pmax = Description: 6075.png
  2. Pmax = Description: 6081.png
  • For minimum power,
  1. Pmin = Description: 6087.png
  2. Pmin = Description: 6093.png

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