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Solved Problems-16

Verify the reciprocity theorem for the ladder network shown in figure.
Description: 3517.png
Let, the three loop currents be I1I2, and I3. By KVL for the three loops,
Description: 3524.png
Description: 6704.png
Description: 6710.png
Description: 6718.png
Solving for I3,
Description: 6724.png
Description: 6730.png
Now by interchanging the positions of the voltage source and the response current, we get,
Description: 1409.png
Description: 6736.png
Description: 6742.png
Description: 6751.png
Solving for I1,
Description: 6757.png
Since the currents in both the cases are the same, reciprocity theorem is verified.

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