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Solved Problems-9

Replace the circuit in the figure with the Thevenin’s equivalent circuit across A and B.
Description: 2325.png
By KVL for the left-hand side loop,
Description: 5560.png(i)
In the right-hand side loop, the dependent current source current will circulate in the resistor. By KVL,
Description: 5566.png(ii)
Substituting the value of I from (ii) in (i), we get,
Description: 5572.png
⇒ Description: 5578.png
⇒ Description: 5584.png
Now, short circuiting the terminals A and B, we get by KVL to left-hand side loop,
Description: 2362.png
Description: 5590.png
Also, from right-hand side loop on short circuit,
Description: 5599.png
Thus, Thevenin equivalent impedance is given as,
Thevenin’s equivalent circuit is shown in the figure.
Description: 955.png

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