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Solved Problems-5

  1. For the network of the figure, draw the graph and write a tie-set schedule. Using the tie-set schedule obtain the loop equations and find the currents in all branches.
  2. For the network of (a), write a cut-set schedule, obtain nodal equations and find branch currents.
Description: 2501.png
The graph and one tree are shown in figure.
Description: 2508.png
The tie-set matrix,
Description: 4930.png
Branch impedance matrix is,
Description: 4943.png
Description: 4949.png
∴ Description: 4955.png Description: 4961.png
Now, Description: 4967.png
So, the loop equations are,
Description: 4973.png
Solving three equations,
Description: 4979.png 

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