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Solved Problems-1

A series RLC circuit has the values: R = 10 ΩL = 0.01 H, C = 100 µF. Calculate resonant frequency, quality factor, bandwidth, and the half-power frequencies.
Here, R = 10 Ω, L = 0.01 H, C = 100 µF.
∴ Resonant frequency, Description: 3022.png
∴ Quality factor, Description: 3028.png
∴ Bandwidth, Description: 3034.png
To find half-power frequencies, we have,
Description: 3040.png
and Description: 3046.png 
Description: 3052.png
Adding equations (i) + (ii), Description: 3060.png
Subtracting equations (ii) – (i), Description: 3066.png

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