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Solved Problems-4

A series RLC circuit with R = 10 ΩDescription: 3242.png H, Description: 3248.png F is excited from a 10 V,
50 Hz (ω = 314 rad/s) source. Determine the rms values of voltage across
  1. resistance,
  2. inductance,
  3. capacitance.
Give explanation if any of the answer is more than the source voltage.
Here, ω = 314 rad/s, R = 10 Ω, Description: 3254.png FV = 10 V
∴ Description: 3263.png and Description: 3269.png
Since, XL = XC, the circuit is under resonance.
At resonance, the current in the circuit, Description: 3275.png
  1. ∴ Voltage across resistance, Description: 3281.png
  2. ∴ Voltage across inductance, Description: 3287.png
  3. ∴ Voltage across capacitance, Description: 3293.png
At resonance, the voltage drops across the inductance and the capacitance will be equal in magnitude but opposite in phase and thus will nullify each other so that the supply voltage will be equal to the voltage drop across the resistance.

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