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Solved Problems-6

A resistor and capacitor are in series with a variable inductor. When the circuit is connected to 200 V, 50 Hz supply, the maximum current obtained by varying the inductance is 0.314 A. The voltage across the capacitor, when current in the circuit is maximum, is 800 V. Find the values of the series circuit elements.
Here, V = 200 V, VC = 800 V, I0 = 0.314 A
Resonance frequency, f0 = 50 Hz
The current in series resonant circuit is maximum at resonance. It is given as,
Description: 3402.png
Also, at resonance the voltage across the capacitor is,
Description: 3408.png
Now, Description: 3414.png
or, Description: 3420.png
Also, Description: 3429.png
or, Description: 3435.pngiF
Therefore, the series elements are: R = 636.95 Ω L = 8.1 H C = 1.25 iF

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