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Solved Problems-13

The h-parameters of a two-port network shown in figure are Description: Description: 6615.png h21 = 100, Description: Description: 6652.pngmho. Find V2 and z-parameters of the network if Description: Description: 6662.png.
Description: Description: 3351.png
The h-parameter equations are,
V1 = h11I1 + h12V2 = 1000I1 + 0.003V2 (i)
I2 = h21I1 + h22V2 = 100I1 + 50 ∞ 10–6V2 (ii)
By KVL for the two meshes,
V1 = Vs – 500I1 (iii)
V2 = – 200I2 (iv)
From (i) and (iii),
Vs – 500I1 = 1000I1 + 0.003V2
or, 10–2 – 1500I1 = 0.003V2 (v)
From (ii) and (iv),
Description: Description: 6678.png
or, Description: Description: 6684.png(vi)
From (v) and (i),
Description: Description: 6690.png 
The z-parameters are calculated as follows.
Description: Description: 6705.png

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