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Solved Problems-3

Measurements were made on a two-port network shown in the figure.
Description: Description: 2230.png 
(i) With port-2 open, a voltage of  volt is applied to port-1, resulted in, I1 =  amp and V2 = 250° volt.
(ii) With port-1 open, a voltage of  volt is applied to port-2, resulted in, I2 = 20∠0° amp and V1 = 500° volt.
  1. Write the loop equations for the network and also find the driving point and transfer impedance.
  2. What will be the voltage across a 10 Ω resistor connected across port-2 if a volt source is connected across port-1.
  1. From the given data, we get the z-parameters as:
z11 = Description: Description: 3785.png
z21 = Description: Description: 3791.png
z12 = Description: Description: 3797.png
z22 = Description: Description: 3805.png
So, the loop equations are:
Description: Description: 3811.png
  1. Here, Description: Description: 3817.png
Putting these values in loop equations,
100 = 10I1 + 2.5I2 fi I1 = 10 – 0.25I2
and – 10I2 = 2.5I1 + 5I2
or, Description: Description: 3823.png
or, Description: Description: 3832.png
or, I2 = Description: Description: 3838.png = – 1.74 A
∴ Voltage across the resistor = – I2RL = 17.4 V

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