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Solved Problems-6

The z-parameters for a network N are:
Description: Description: 5203.png
The terminal connections for the network are shown in the adjacent figure. Calculate the voltage ratio V2/Vs, current ratio –I2/I1 and input resistance V1/I1.
Description: Description: 831.png
The z-parameter equations are:
V1 = 2I1 + I2 (i)
V2 = 2I1 + 5I2 (ii)
By KVL at the input and output circuits,
I1 + V1 = Vs ⇒ 3I1 + I2 = Vs (iii) {by (i)}
and 5I2 + V2 = 0 ⇒ 2I1 + 10I2 = 0 (iv) {by(ii)}
Solving (iii) and (iv),
Description: Description: 5221.png
∴ Description: Description: 5230.png
Now, Description: Description: 5236.png
∴ Description: Description: 5242.png
V1 = (2I1 + I2) = Description: Description: 5248.png
∴ Description: Description: 5257.png

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