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Two-Port Network Functions

Two-port network functions are broadly divided into two groups:
  1. Transfer function, and
  2. Driving point functions.

Transfer Function

It is defined as the ratio of an output transform to an input transform, with zero initial condition and with no internal energy sources ecxcept the controlled sources.

Driving Point Function

It takes two forms:
Driving Point Impedance [Z(s)] For a two-port newtork in zero state with no internal energy sourceds, the driving point impedance s the ratio of transform voltage at any port to the transform current at the same port.
Description: 3495.png
Driving Point Admittance [Y(s)] For a two-port network in zero state with no internal energy sources, the driving point admittance is the ratio of transform current at any port to the transform voltage at the same port
Description: 3501.png

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