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Forms and Reports

Access forms provide a user - friendly interface to enter data in a table. These enable us to -
  • Enter data in a table
  • Modify data in a table
  • Delete data from a table
  • Browse the contents of a table
  • Print data in a table
Layouts of a Form
Access provides the following four types of default layouts of a form:
  1. Columnar - This type of layout arranges all the fields in the form in one ore more columns based on the number and size of the fields.
  2. Tabular - This type of layout places all the fields in the form in one row. If a record has a large number of fields, then you will have to scroll to the right of the form to see all the fields in the form.
  3. Datasheet - This type of layout is similar to the Datasheet view of a table. This layout is generally used when you want to display a subform which displays data from another table. For example, you can create a form to display voucher details and a subform that displays type of vouchers.
  4. Justified - This type of layout enables you to see all the fields in the form without having to scroll in the form.

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