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Saving and Exporting a Report

After creating a database of the desired tasks, we can generate reports or its output result to preview its final shape. Both the design and the generated report can be saved for future use in our computer or server in different software's and at different locations which are given below:
  1. Saving and Exporting Reports in Access - The design of a report can be saved in Access database by sing simple saving methods like the Save or Save as Commands, or it can be exported to another database file of Access. This can be done by clicking on Save or Export option and then selecting the path and name of the existing database into which the design is to be exported or saved.
  2. Exporting to Excel - The design of a report can be exported to Excel as a spreadsheet package. Spreadsheet package is a part of MS Office and generally used to make interaction between Access database and Excel worksheet. The following steps are required to export a report to Excel sheet:
    • Select and generate a report in Database window.
    • In the Export To dialog Box, click on Excel in the menu bar
    • Define the path means select the folder, type the file name and then select the Excel worksheet type in the respective box and click on save button. After that you will get a message that the data has been exported.
    • Report is exported to Excel by clicking the button “Send to Excel” see the following window:  

  1. Saving as Snapshot - The generated report can be saved as a picture image with the help of Adobe Acrobat Software in such a manner so as to be viewed without the help of Access through the Snapshot saving.
  2. Exporting to MS word - The generated report can be saved as a text file in MS Word through a text processing package. It can be done by executing the steps mentioned above with some changes in the type of file, instead of the worksheet type of Excel, by exporting it as text in the respective box.
  3. Printing Report - The report can be printed as a hard copy for future reference by using the print commands in the menu bar as shown in the window below. The next window shows the generated report (print format).
  4. E - mailing a report - An Access - Based report can be sent to others in various formats of data like Microsoft Excel worksheet. HTML, Snapshot and Rich text format by using Export to mail recipient facility of the Internet.

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