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Communication Services

Communication services are helpful in applying contacts to the outside world viz., suppliers, customers, competitors etc. Business has to communicate with others for sharing of ideas and views rather than being in isolation. They need to be fast and accurate in order to be efficient. Today's world is a competitive world and it is necessary to have advanced technology for quick exchange of ideas. The services which help business are mainly classified into postal and telecom.

Postal Services

Indian post and telegraph department provides postal services across India and the whole country is divided into 22 different circles. Various head post offices, sub-post offices and branch post offices are managed by these circles. The facilities provided by the postal services are broadly classified as following:
  1. Financial Facilities: Financial facilities are provided with the help of post office's savings plans like Public Provident Fund (PPF), Kisan Vikas Patra, and National Saving Certificates along with normal retail banking functions of monthly income schemes, recurring deposits, savings account, time deposits and money order services.
Indian Postal Network Realities
  • 1,54,149 post offices
  • 5,64,701 letter boxes
  • 1,575 crore mails every year
  • 5,01,716 villages with public telephones (84 per cent of total villages)
  • 26,000 post offices already connected through network
  • Post Office Savings Bank is the largest retail bank of 1,50,000 plus branches
  • Total collections at Rs. 200,000 crores
  • Dedicated VSAT network via satellite of over 1200 post offices
  • Speed Post facility for over 1000 destinations in India
  • Links 97 major countries around the globe

Source: www.indiapost.gov.in

  1. Mail Facilities: These provide facilities such as transport of articles from one place to another ;To provide security of the transmitted articles there is a registration facility and to provide insurance cover for all risks in the course of transmission by post we also have an insurance facility. Other allied facilities are also offered such as:
    1. Greeting Post - we get a variety of delightful greeting cards for every occasion.
    2. Media Post - helps the Indian corporates to advertise their brand through postcards, envelopes, aerograms, telegrams, and also through letterboxes.
General Insurance
  1. Health Insurance
    Health Insurance helps in safeguarding against rising medical expenses. A health insurance policy is a bond between an insurer and an individual or group, in which the insurer accepts to give required health insurance at an agreed-upon price (the premium). The premium maybe paid as a lump sum or in installments according to the policy. Health insurance normally contain direct payment or pay for the expenses of the treatment of the injury. The expense and range of protection which can be provided by health insurance depends on the terms and conditions agreed by the provider in the policy purchased. In India the health insurance is primarily offered in the form of Mediclaim policy to an individual or to any group, association or corporate bodies.
  2. Motor Vehicle Insurance
    This policy comes under General Insurance. This insurance has become very popular and is gaining importance . In motor insurance the owner's liability to compensate people who were killed or insured through an accident is passed on to the insurance company. The premium rate under this policy is standardized.
  3. Burglary Insurance
    This policy comes under the category of insurance of property. Any loss or damage due to theft, larceny, burglary, house-breaking and acts of such nature are covered by this policy. Compensation of actual loss is done.
    1. Insurable interest need not exist at the time of policy but should be there at the time of theft.
    2. The principle of causa proxima is also applied to it. The insurance company would pay only if the proximate cause falls under the policy.
  4. Cattle Insurance
    This is a bond in which a sum of money is secured to the insured in case of an event of death of animals like bulls, buffaloes, cows and heifers. The cause of death maybe an accident, disease, or pregnant condition, etc. The insurer normally agrees to pay excess in case of any loss.
  5. Crop Insurance
    This policy is to provide financial support to farmers in case of a crop failure due to drought or flood. It generally covers all risks of loss or damages relating to production of rice, wheat, millets, oil seeds and pulses etc.
  6. Sports Insurance
    This policy is a comprehensive cover for amateur sportspersons regarding their sporting equipment, personal effects, legal liability and personal accident risks. If desired it can also be extended to a named member of the insured's family but its not available to professional sportsperson. The cover is generally for following sports or more: angling, badminton, cricket, golf, lawn tennis, squash, use of sporting guns.
  7. Amartya Sen Siksha Yojana
    The General Insurance Company offers to secure the education of dependent children under this policy. If the assured parent/legal guardian goes through any bodily injury resulting solely and directly from an accident due to external, violent and visible means and if such injury shall within twelve calendar months of its occurrence be the only and direct cause of his/her death or permanent total disablement, the insurer shall indemnify the insured student with all covered expenses to be incurred from the date of occurrence of such accident till the expiry date of policy or completion of the duration of covered course whichever occurs first and such indemnity shall not exceed the sum insured as stated in the policy schedule.
  8. Rajeswari Mahila Kalyan Bima Yojana
    This policy is to provide relief to the family members of insured women in case of their death or disablement due to any kinds of accidents and/or death and/or disablement arising out of other factors incidental to women only.
  1. Direct post for direct advertising is available which can be either be addressed or unaddressed.
  2. International Money Transfer by collaborating with Western Union financial services, USA, helps us in remitting money from 185 countries to India.
  3. Passport Facilities - in partnership with the ministry of external affairs for the ease of applying for a passport.
  4. Speed Post: having over 1000 destinations in India linking 97 major countries across the globe.
  5. e-bill post is the latest of all in this department to collect bill payment across the counter for BSNL and Bharti Airtel.

Telecom Services

A world class telecommunications infrastructure helps in rapid economical and social development of the country and is the back bone of every economy. We can say that a dream of having a business across continents will remain a dream in the absence of telecom infrastructure. There have been a lot of developments in the fields of telecom, IT, consumer electronics and media industries all over the globe. The Telecom Policy Framework in 1999 and Broadband Policy in 2004 were developed by the Indian government in order the world to recognize India as a superpower by 2025 . With the help of this the government intends to provide both universal services to all uncovered areas and high-level services for catering the requirements of the country's economy. The different types of telecom services are:
  1. Cellular Mobile Services: These include all types of mobile telecom services along with voice and non-voice messaging, data services and PCO services and use any type of network equipment present within their service area and also can provide interconnectivity with other service providers.
  2. Radio Paging Services: This kind of service is useful in contacting a person even when he/she is mobile. But it's a one way broadcasting system and has spread far and wide. Radio paging provides services like tone only, numeric only and alpha/numeric only .
  3. Fixed Line Services: These include all types of services like voice, non voice and data messages for establishing long distance calls. These can utilize any type of network equipment which is connected through fiber optic cables laid across the length and breadth of the nation. Interconnectivity with other telecom services is also provided.
  4. Cable Services: These are established one way linkages and switched services which are licensed to operate in a permitted area for providing media to people. The two way service of the same including voice and data messaging is likely to emerge soon. Then services through the cable network will be similar to that of fixed services.
  5. VSAT Services: Very Small Aperture Terminal is basically a satellite-based telecom service. It provides the businesses and government agencies a highly flexible and reliable communication service to both urban and rural areas. VSAT offers continuous and uninterrupted services equal or better than any land based service. It is also used to provide innovative information such as tele-medicine, newspapers-on-line, market rates and tele-education to the most remote areas of our country.
  6. DTH Services: DTH (Direct to Home) provides satellite based media services by which one can receive media services directly with the help of a small dish antenna and a set top box right to their home. The DTH service provider provides a large number of channels. They can be viewed without any help from the local cable network provider.

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