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Transportation comprises freight services along with supporting and auxiliary services by every mode of transportation i.e., rail, road, air and sea for the transport of goods and international carriage of passengers. We already know the comparative advantages and disadvantages of different modes of transportation. Also transportation removes difficulties of the place and makes available to the consumer from the place of production. To keep the pace our transportation needs to be developed
Infrastructure in Transportation

By the time of first 50 years of independence, India saw a total highway construction of around 13, 000 kilometers around the nation. The Government of India's most prestigious project, Golden Quadrilateral connecting Delhi-Kolkata- Chennai-Mumbai and the North-South, East-West corridors linking Srinagar to Kanyakumari and Silchar to Porbandar will have a span of 13,151 kms of National Highways within eight years. This project will have many advantages to the economy of India. The Ministry of Railways have also done a good work by monitoring and maintaining their trains which have also helped out the economy . The Government of India has also being facilitating development to sea and air routes to provide an impetus to business activities. The government plans to build new ports at strategic locations.


according to our growing economy. Sufficient width and high quality is required to improve the infrastructure of roads. The few ports we have are congested. Both government and industry needs to take an active part in this for the development of business. We actually have massive losses of product in the process of transportation and storage in the section of agriculture and food.

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