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What are the Sources of Data?

  • Statistical data can be obtained from two sources.
  • The enumerator (person who collects the data) may collect the data by conducting an enquiry or an investigation.
  • Such data are called Primary Data, as they are based on first hand information.
  • Suppose, you want to know about the popularity of a film star among school students.
  • For this, you will have to enquire from a large number of school students, by asking questions from them to collect the desired information.
  • The data you get is an example of primary data. If the data have been collected and processed (scrutinised and tabulated) by some other agency, they are called Secondary Data. Generally, the published data are secondary data.
  • They can be obtained either from published sources or from any other source, for example, a web site.
  • Thus, the data are primary to the source that collects and processes them for the first time and secondary for all sources that later use such data. Use of secondary data saves time and cost.
  • For example, after collecting the data on the popularity of the film star among students, you publish a report. If somebody uses the data collected by you for a similar study, it becomes secondary data.

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