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A Computerized Accounting System has Many Advantages, as Discussed Below

  1. Large Volume of Transactions - In the present - day business environment, the transactions of a business are normally large in volume. The computerized accounting system can store and process such voluminous transactions with speed and accuracy.
  2. Scalability - A computerized accounting system is scalable to handle the growing transactions.
  3. Security - The accounting data under the computerized environment is safer than the accounting data under the manual system. The data can be kept secure by using a password, i.e., allowing only authorized users to access the data.
  4. Timely Reporting - Availability of reports on time enables the management to take quick decisions, which is an important element for the success of an enterprise. A computerized accounting system makes these reports available as and when required.
  5. Lower Cost - The cost of maintaining books of accounts under the computerized process is lower than in the manual process.
  6. Less Paper Work - Under the computerized process, there is less paper work as compared to the paper work in the manual process.
  7. Flexible Reporting - Reporting under the computerized process is flexible in comparison to the manual process. The database can be processed further to obtain the desired report. For example, data relating to debtors can be analyzed to ascertain the list of customers to whom sales above Rs. 1,00,000 has been made in an accounting year or of the regular customers of the enterprises and so on.
  8. Queries - Replies to queries based on external factors can be obtained easily under a computerized process. For example, list of debtors who have not paid on time can be taken out by processing the database.
  9. Accurate - Computer statements are far more accurate in comparison to manual statements.
  10. Updating - Updating and treatment of wrong transactions are easily done.
  11. Financial Statements - From the day book, the Voucher Posting software can manage the General Ledger, Trial Balance and Bxalance Sheet.

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