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Readymade Software

Readymade softwares are the softwares that are developed not for any specific user but for the users in general. Since, the readymade softwares are for general user, it is not necessary that all the modules of such softwares are of use for every user. It is likely that a particular module says 'Payroll' may ndot be used because the enterprise has very few employees. Similarly, a service enterprise will not require VAT module while a retail enterprise will not require Service Tax module. Some of the readymade softwares are Tally, EX, Busy and Professional Accountant. Out of these, Tally is very widely used.


Readymade Software has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are-
  • Readymade softwares are economical - Readymade softwares are prepared not for any particular user but for the user in general. It means development cost of the software is not loaded on a single software for determining the cost and thus selling price. The price of the software is determined on the basis of number of pieces expected to be sold. On the other hand, user specific softwares are expensive as the development cost is loaded on one software.
  • Readymade softwares are available off-the-shelf - It, therefore, saves time that may be required for development of tailor-made softwares or for customization. Development of a software consumes considerable time both at the user end and software development end. User will have to explain its requirements to software developer who on the basis of his understanding will develop software, test it with a dummy data, debug the software to the best of his understanding before handing it to the user. All these activities consume time. On the other hand, readymade software requires only installation and are ready for use.
  • Readymade Softwares are developed by a group of experienced professionals - it therefore, addresses the problems that may get overlooked if the user specific software is developed.
  • Softwares like any other product, requires maintenance - Readymade softwares being sold to number of users, has better and economical after sales maintenance service. After sales maintenance service, in the case of user specific softwares will not only be expensive but time consuming as well.
  • Readymade softwares are used by a number of users -Therefore, trained accounting persons are easily available. On the other hand, in the case of tailor-made softwares, every time a new person is recruited, training will have to be imported.
The disadvantages of Readymade Softwares are-
  1. Readymade softwares are Window-based softwares, which support only LaserJet printers for outputs in physical form. Printing by LaserJet printers is more expensive than Dot-Matrix Printers.
  2. Normally, readymade softwares do not have the facility of secondary back-up. It means, in case of data loss, the entire data may not be recovered. But, this limitation can be overcome by taking regular back -up of accounting data.

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