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Tailor - Made Software

The term 'Tailor - made software' refers to designing and developing user - specific software. These softwares, being user - specific, are not available off - the shelf but are developed to meet the requirement of the user on the basis of discussion between the users and the developers.

Advantages of Tailor - made Software are -
  1. It, being user specific, takes care of the accounting reports and MIS that may be required by the user and the management of the enterprise.
  2. The software being tailor-made, the enterprise may have to engage a software engineer to maintain it. In other words, the problems faced can be countered immediately.
  3. Well - trained users use the software and therefore they can maximize software utilization.
Disadvantages of Tailor - made software are -
  1. The development cost of the software is much higher than the cost of readymade or customized software.
  2. In case the accounting person leaves the job, it take some time before the new person becomes fully conversant with the software.
  3. Development and maintenance costs are higher than in the case of readymade or customized software.

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