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What do you mean by Computer?

“A computer is a data processor that can perform substantial computations, including numerous arithmetic and logic operations, without intervention of human operator during the run.”


What are the different elements of a computer system?


1. Hardware

2. Software

3. Humanware.


What are the advantages of a computer system over the manual system?


1. Speed

2. Accuracy

3. Realibility

4. Versatility

5. Storage and retrieval.


What are the different kinds of Softwares?


1. Operating System

2. Utility Software

3. Application Software

4. Language Processors

5. Connectivity Software.


A computer cannot function without the operating software. Elaborate.

The Operating system can be defined as a set of programs, active all the time in the memory of the computer, to manage the resources of the computer for their better and effective use. Thus a computer cannot function without this operating software.


What is meant by Application Software?

The user-oriented programme which is designed and developed for performing certain jobs, such as accounting, word processing and designing, is known as application software.


Name two application software?

Tally and EX are most widely used application softwares.


What is Accounting Information System (AIS)?

An accounting information system (AIS) is a system of records maintained by a business for its accounting systems and includes collecting, processing, summarizing and reporting in money terms


Name two reports generated by AIS?

a. Internal Reports i.e., reports for the use of management and

b. External Reports i.e., reports generated for the outside agencies for the purpose of filing returns such as VAT, Service Tax and Income Tax.


Write three advantages of AIS?

1. Payroll Processing

2. Transaction Processing

3. Ledger.


What is a computer? Give four features of a computer?

“A computer is a data processor that can perform substantial computations, including numerous arithmetic and logic operations, without intervention of human operator during the run.”

Features of a Computer

1. Speed: It can perform jobs at a much higher speed than human beings. Normally, human beings take into account a second or a minute as the unit of time. But computers have such a fast operating capability that the relevant unit of time is fraction of a second.

2. Accuracy: It performs jobs with a high degree of accuracy. The computer cannot make mistakes if proper instructions are given.

3. Reliability: computers are immune to tiredness, boredom or fatigue. Therefore, they are more reliable than human beings.

4. Versatility: It refers to the ability of computers to perform a variety of tasks, simple as well as complex. A general purpose computer is capable of being used in any area of application like business, industry, scientific, technological, statistical and communications. In an organization, it can perform several types of jobs because of its versatility.

5. Storage and Retrieval: the computer systems, besides having instant access to data, have huge capacity to store such data in a very small physical space and in a safe way. A normal computer hard disk can store a bulk of data without occupying any physical space.



Distinguish between Hardware and Software?

a. Hardware: Computer components that can be physically touched, such as keyboard, CPU, monitor, mouse etc., are known as computer hardware.

b. Software: The hypothetical or imaginary part of the computer which is used with hardware to perform computer applications is known as software.


What do you understand by Transaction Processing System (TPS)?

TPS performs the function of recording daily transactions that are essential for conducting the business. TPS is used in a number of applications. Some of the applications where TPS is used are Order and Payroll processing and Automated Teller Machines (ATM).

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