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“A computer is a data processor that can perform substantial computations, including numerous arithmetic and logic operations, without intervention of human operator during the run.”

Analyzing the above definition, we can define a computer as an electronic machine capable of making calculations storing and analyzing data, and bringing out meaningful information by acting on a set of instructions, or a machine capable of performing many diversified mathematical functions at a phenomenal speed and accuracy. Therefore, it means that computers process or act upon data and the processing includes recording, manipulating and retrieving information. They are capable of storing data and making it available when required. However they act in response to a set of instructions called a 'program' or 'software'. We can also define a computer as an electronic digital machine that acts on a set of instructions (called program or software) and is used for processing raw data into meaningful information. It is capable of storing data and results for later use.

Data: The term data, in the context of computers, means meaningful raw facts, information of figures on which processing can be carried out and information obtained. Data may consist of numbers and text collected and entered into a computer. The data entered in the computer is stored, classified, organized and retrieved as information in accordance with the instructions (programs), whenever required.

Processing: Processing refers to the steps involved in analyzing raw data and converting it into meaningful information.

Information: Information means the outcome received as a result of processing the data.

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