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Limitations of a Computer System

Computers do not have intelligence of their own; they cannot think or make a decision on their own. It only runs on the instructions given to it by the humanware. The limitations of the computer system are-
  1. Commonsense - A computer system does not have commonsense like a human being has. It carries out instructions as given in the program even if the instructions lack the quality of commonsense. For example, if the instruction is given for the comparison of two unrelated amounts like sales with electricity charges, the computer will not question the relationship like a human being, but will carry out the instruction.
  2. Intelligence - A computer system does not have an intelligence of its own. It operates on the instructions, which may lack this quality.
  3. Decision- making - A computer system lacks the quality of decision - making also. Decision-making is a complex process which involves a number of elements and consideration for the prevailing situation. Programs can be designed for a computer to arrive at decisions. But such decisions will be procedural, without taking into consideration the prevailing situation.

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