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Relationship of AIS with other Information Systems

AIS have relationship with other information systems, such as Human Resource Information System, Manufacturing Information System and Marketing Information System.

We have discussed above that an organization has different departments which pursue the overall organizational goals. Each of these departments within the organization makes use of data or information fed into the system, which is available to other departments for their use. The AIS is the key department within the organization as it takes care of the finances. Consider, the Human Resource Department maintains the records of each employee and prepares the salary or wages payable to them. The payment is made by the Accounts Department; it uses the processed payroll to check its accuracy before releasing the payment. Similarly, information such as the qualification, skill and experience of an individual employee, generated by the Human Resource Department, is used by the Manufacturing Department to place them accordingly.

Manufacturing Department also has a relation with AIS. The manufacturing department basis its production plans on the marketing plans and therefore prepares the requirements list for materials, issues stock procurement list and so on. The accounts department accordingly processes the purchase orders, makes advance payments to suppliers, where necessary, and also makes arrangements for the finances, and generates the Accounts Payable Report.

Thus, it will be observed that AIS has relations with all the departments within the organization. The following diagram shows the relation of AIS with the Human Resource Department, Marketing department and Manufacturing Department.


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