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Utilities or Characteristics of a Computer System

Characteristics of a computer system in comparison to human beings are as follows:
  1. Speed - It can perform jobs at a much higher speed than human beings. Normally, human beings take into account a second or a minute as the unit of time. But computers have such a fast operating capability that the relevant unit of time is fraction of a second.
  2. Accuracy - It performs jobs with a high degree of accuracy. The computer cannot make mistakes if proper instructions are given.
  3. Reliability - Computers are immune to tiredness, boredom or fatigue. Therefore, they are more reliable than human beings.
  4. Versatility - It refers to the ability of computers to perform a variety of tasks, simple as well as complex. A general purpose computer is capable of being used in any area of application like business, industry, scientific, technological, statistical and communications. In an organization, it can perform several types of jobs because of its versatility.
  5. Storage and retrieval - The computer systems, besides having instant access to data, have huge capacity to store such data in a very small physical space and in a safe way. A normal computer hard disk can store a bulk of data without occupying any physical space.

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