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ISCII and Unicode Representation

  • It was proposed in the eighties
  • It is a single representation code for all scripts in Indian language.
  • It assigns code for the matras.
  • Devanagiri code was kept area for the development of these types of code.
  • The code is assigned in Upper case of ASCII data.
  • The ISCII code is suited for representing the syllables of Indian languages.
  • The following table gives the sample code in an Indian language.

Note: Matras means vowels extension.

Unicode Representation

  • It is a standard for multilingual documents
  • It came from ASCII.
  • It is a shorthand code of 7 to 8 bit to represent the letters of the alphabet in many languages.
  • In this code more than 65000 different characters are available.
  • It is viewed as a stack of planes and multiple chucks of 128 consecutive codes.
  • Data processing software uses unicode to identify the language of the values.
  • The following is the sample of Unicode.

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