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Charging Depreciation to Asset Account

According to this arrangement, depreciation is deducted from the depreciable cost of the asset (credited to the asset account) and charged (or debited) to profit and loss account. Journal entries under this recording method are as follows:



1. For recording purchase of asset                (only in the year of purchase)

Asset A/c Dr.                                          (with the cost of asset including

                                                                   installation, freight, etc.)

To Bank/Vendor A/c

2. Following two entries are recorded at the end of every year

(a) For deducting depreciation amount from the cost of the asset.

Depreciation A/c Dr.                              (with the amount of depreciation)

To Asset A/c

(b) For charging depreciation to profit and loss account.

Profit & Loss A/c Dr.                            (with the amount of depreciation)

To Depreciation A/c

3. Balance Sheet Treatment

When this method is used, the fixed asset appears at its net book value (i.e. cost less depreciation charged till date) on the asset side of the balance sheet and not at its original cost (also known as historical cost).

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