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B2C Commerce

As the name suggests, B2C (business-to-customers) transactions have business organisations at one end and its customers on the other end. Although, we instantaneously think of online shopping, it must be greatly appreciated that 'selling' is the outcome of the marketing methods. Marketing has begun well before a product is offered for sale and perpetually continues even after the product has been sold. B2C commerce, hence, entails a wide range of marketing activities such as identifying activities, promotion and even delivery of products that are carried out online. e-commerce allows these activities at a much lower cost but at a high speed. For instance, Withdrawing money from the bank was a tedious process, which consumed lot of time but now ATM quickens withdrawal of money. There is a freedom of shopping-at-will. Customers could also make use of call centres set up by companies to dial toll free calls to instigate enquiries and lodge complaints round the clock. The advantage of the process is that one does not have to set up these call centres or help lines; they can also be outsourced. Such centres that undertake this process is known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

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