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Scope of e-Business

As mentioned above the scope of e-business is gigantic. More or less, all types of business functions such as production, finance, marketing and personnel administration in addition to managerial activities like planning, organising and controlling are carried out through computer networks. The other way of viewing the scope of e-business is to scrutinize it in terms of people or parties involved in electronic transactions. From this perspective, an organisation's electronic transaction and network can be visualised as expanding into three directions viz.,
  1. B2B which is an organisation's communication with other businesses,
  2. B2C i.e., a organisation's communication with its customers and
  3. Intra-B or an organisation's internal processes.
The above figure summarises the network between the parties and interactions that comprises e-business. A brief discussion of several components of e-business, inter and intra-transactions among them is as given as below:

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