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The world of business is undergoing a massive change. e-business and outsourcing are the two most noticeable expressions for this change. The trigger for the change is its origin to internal and external forces. Internally, it is the business organisation's own expedition for improvement and efficiency that has forced itself into e-business and outsourcing. Externally, the ever increasing competitive pressures and ever demanding customers are the force behind the change. Electronic mode of running a business, or e-business presents the organisation with hopeful opportunities for anything, anywhere and anytime to its customers, thus, eradicating the time and space/locational limitations on its performance. Although e-business is high-tech, it does suffer from the limitation of being low in personal aspects. The customers, hence, are not getting attended to on an interpersonal basis. In addition, there are concerns over security and privacy of e-transactions of those who carry out business over the internet. The benefits of e-commerce do seem to have accumulated unevenly across and within the countries. Despite becoming digital, the organisations are also resorting to an exit to the former 'do it all by yourself' attitude. They are progressively contracting out manufacturing, R & D and other noncore business processes. India is on a high score with respect to global outsourcing business and has been profitable in terms of generating employment, capability building and contribution to exports and GDP. Collectively, both the trends of e-business and outsourcing are resstructuring the mode of business. Captivatingly, both e-business and outsourcing are enduring to evolve, and hence, these are referred to as the emerging modes of business.

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