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Participation of People In Employment

Worker population ratio is used as an indicator to be used for analyzing the employment situation of a country. It is a useful tool which can be employed to find out the proportion of the population which is actively contributing for the economic growth of the country. If the worker population ratio is high, it means that a large portion of the population is actively employed in the economic growth of the country else it means that a large portion of the population is still not directly involved in the economic growth of the country. Population is defined as the total number of people residing in a particular locality at a particular point of time. Hence, in order to find the worker population ratio of India, one has to divide the total number of workers in the country by the total population of the country and multiply by 100.
sex Worker Population Ratio in India, 1999-2000
Total Rural Urban
Men 52.7 53.1 51.8
Women 25.4 29.9 13.9
Total 39.5 41.7 33.7

The above table shows the worker population ratio of India during the year 1999-2000. If we notice, the ratio is higher in the rural sector than the urban. The reason for this is that the people in the rural sector have a very limited access to higher income and hence participate in the job market. The people of the urban sector have a variety of jobs which can be got to match their qualifications. They take their time and settle in jobs which suit their profile. In the rural sector, people cannot remains unemployed for long because of their poor economic conditions. The reason for more men being employed as mentioned before is that women do not get paid for many of the activities that they do. In the urban sector, women work lesser than the women in the rural sector because in the urban areas men earn enough and discourage the women from working. The estimation of the number of women workers is wrong as they do not get wages and hence are not qualified as workers.

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