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Self Employed and Hired Workers

When we know the position of a worker in an enterprise, we can find out the quality of employment of our country. It also enables us to find the control the individual has over the enterprise and their attachment to the firm. Self employed individuals are those who own an enterprise and operate it to earn their livelihood. More than half of India's workforce is self employed. Example of a self employed worker is the owner of a cement shop. Workers like construction workers are called casual labourers because they earn their livelihood from casual labour meaning their jobs are not permanent. They account for 33% of India's workforce. When a worker works for someone else's firm and gets his salary on a regular basis he is termed as a regular salaried employee. Such regular salaried employees account for 15% of our workforce. The number of men as regular salaried employees is more than that of women. The major reason for this is the higher skill level and literacy level of men because of discrimination against women. The number of self employed and casual workers in the rural sector is more while the number of salaried individuals is more in the urban sector. In the rural sector since most of the jobs are agriculture related, self employment and casual work opportunities are more. In the urban sector, firms require people on a regular basis and the possibility of running own establishment is not very high.

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