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  • Everyone who is engaged in some economic activity and contributed to the gross national product is called a worker.
  • About 40% of our population consists of workers.
  • Men form the major section of the workforce especially in the rural sectors.
  • A major portion of our workforce is self employed and casual workers and salaried individuals form less than half of our workforce.
  • Around 60% of our workers depend on agriculture for employment.
  • Over the years the rate of growth has declined while the economic growth of the country has increased. We have had a jobless growth.
  • After the reforms, employment opportunities have arised in the services sector but most of these jobs are unorganized and do not have any social security measures.
  • The major formal sector employer in our country is the Government.
  • Disguised unemployment is a major form of unemployment in the rural sector.
  • The government has taken various employment generation initiatives in order to address and tackle unemployment.

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