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Entering of the firm's name, along with the relevant prescribed particulars, In the Register of firms kept with the Registrar of Firms is called Registration. It gives conclusive proof of the existence of a partnership firm. Registration of a Partnership firm is optional. However, the firm will be deprived of many benefits. The consequences of non-registration of a firm are as follows:
  1. It is not possible for a partner of an unregistered firm to file a suit against the firm or other partners,
  2. It is not possible for the firm to file a suit against third parties, and
  3. It is not possible for the firm to file a case against the partners.
Due to these consequences, it is advisable to have the firm registered. As per the Indian Partnership Act 1932, the partners can register with the Registrar of firms of the state in which the firm is located. The registration can be done at the time of formation or at any time during its survival. The procedure for registering a firm is as follows:
  1. The application has to be submitted in the prescribed format to the Registrar of firms. The application should contain the following particulars:
    • ​​Name of the firm
    • Location of the firm
    • Names of other places where business is carried on by the firm
    • The date of joining of each partner in the firm
    • Names and addresses of the partners
    • Duration of partnership 
This application should be duly signed by all the partners.
  1. Deposit of necessary fees with the Registrar of Firms.
  2. The Registrar on approval will make an entry in the register of firms and will subsequently issue a certificate of registration.

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