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What is an input device?

These are devices which accept input from the user.


List some input devices you are familiar with.

The various input devices are keyboard, mouse, touch screen, track ball etc.


Write notes on keyboard.

It is the most common method of interaction with a computer. It provides various tactile responses and has various layouts depending upon your computer system and keyboard model. They are typically rated for at least 50 million cycles. The most common keyboard for PCs is the 101 style although many styles are available with more or fewer special keys. LED’s and other features such as a plastic membrane cover for industrial or food service application, or flexible, ergonomic styles are also available.


What is the function of an output device?

The output device is responsible for producing output in user-readable form.


Explain monitors in detail.

It is a commonly used output device. It is also called as display screen. It provides a visual display of data. Monitors are connected with the computer and are similar in appearance to a television set. Initially there were only monochrome monitors. But of late, we have monitors that display colours. Monitors display images and text. The smallest dot that can be displayed is called a pixel. The number of pixels that can be displayed vertically and horizontally gives the resolution of the monitors. There are two most commonly used monitors available. They are Cathode ray tube (CRT) and Liquid Crystal Display (LED). Cathode ray tube (CRT) works like a television. It contains an electron gun at the back of the tube, through which the phosphor is sent out and the picture is produced. Liquid Crystal Display (LED) has special material called polarizer which charges and produces pixels.


Explain scanners in detail.

It is an input device that allows information such as an image or text to be input into a computer. It can read image or text printed on a paper, and translate the information into a form that the computer can use. It is used to convert images and text into a stream of data. They are useful for publishing and multimedia application. Scanners are of gray-scale and colour type.


What is called as thermal printer?

It is a device which uses an electric pulse, which can be converted to heat on selected section of a printing head on wires. When the heat is applied to the heat sensitive paper, a character is printed.


Define memory device.

Memory is an essential area which is needed to store the data. Without memory storage, it is not possible by the computer to perform any task. It helps in storing and retrieving of data. There are two types of memory available. They are Primary memory or Main Memory, and Secondary memory.


Explain Primary memory in detail.

Primary memory
It is used as a component device and recording media that stores digital data used for computing for some interval of time. It is one of the preliminary components of all modern computers and are merged with a CPU. Semiconductor is used to store the data as a memory location. They are two types of primary memories, namely, Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM).


Explain Cache memory in detail.

Cache is a high speed storage memory. It can be taken from reserved section of main memory or from an independent high-speed storage media. Whenever the data are required, the CPU first looks at the cache. If the data are not there, the CPU does not access memory and hence the process becomes very fast. The cache memory is a portion of high-speed RAM.


Name some of the secondary storage devices.

There are various secondary storage devices available. They are floppy disk, Compact Disk drives, Digital Versatile Disk and Thumb drives.


Write a short note on CD-ROM.

These are players that have an integral part of the multimedia development of workstation, and are an important delivery vehicle for large, mass-produced projects. They are optical devices which are written in laser. The data stored are Read Only. Their capacity is up to 700MB. They are of different types. They are CD-R (Compact Disk Recordable) and CD-RW (Compact Disk Rewritable).


Write notes on DVD.

It is an optical storage device. It is also called Digital Video Disk. It is mainly used for video recording and storage. It is a multilayered disk; hence, it stores more amount of information. They are called as Super density disk (SD). They are of many types. They are DVD-ROM, DVD-R (DVD-Recordable) and DVD-RW (DVD-Rewritable).


What is a port and give its types?

Ports are used to connect external devices to the computer. They are of many types. They are serial port, parallel port, PS/2 port, USB, Infrared Port and Bluetooth.


Discuss the various types of ports in detail.

Serial ports: Serial ports are a serial communication interface through which information are transferred. Data are transferred out or in one bit at a time. Interfaces such as Ethernet, firewire etc., help to send data.


Parallel port: It is a type of interface found in the computer for connecting various peripheral. It is also used to connect printers. Hence it is called as printer port. It is adapted to access a number of peripheral devices other than printers. It is used to connect modem, soundcards, modems etc.


USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port: It is a serial bus standard connected to device of a host computer. It uses single standardized interface socket to improve plug and play operation. It connects printers, plotters, scanners, mice, joystick, web cameras, keyboards etc. It uses an AC adapter for connection.


Blue tooth:It is a telecommunication industry specification that describes how mobile phones, PDA can be easily interconnected using a short range wireless communication. It is an open wireless protocol for exchange of data. It can connect several devices for solving the problem of synchronization. They require low cost transceiver chip be included in each device. The maximum range it covers is up to 10 meters.


List some output devices

The output devices are monitor, printer, projector and video devices.


List the various types of Read Only Memory.

The various types of Read Only Memory are PROM, EPROM, EEPROM and OROM.

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