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Output Devices

  • It is nothing but which comes out from the computer.
  • An output device is capable of presenting information from a computer.
  • There are many output devices attached with the computers.
  • They are as follows:
    • Monitors
    • Printers
    • Speakers
  • Let us learn them in detail
Note: The Devices attached to the CPU externally are commonly called as peripherals.


  • It is a commonly used output device
  • It is also called as display screen.
  • It provides a visual display of data.
  • Monitors are connected with the computer and are similar in appearance to a television set.
  • Initially there were only monochrome monitors.
  • But of late, we have monitors that display colours.
  • Monitors display images and text.
  • The smallest dot that can be displayed is called a pixel.
  • The number of pixels that can be displayed vertically and horizontally gives the resolution of the monitors.
  • There are two most commonly used monitors available.
  • They are:
    • Cathode ray tube (CRT): It works like a television. It contains an electron gun at the back of the tube, through which the phosphor is sent out and the picture is produced.
    • Liquid Crystal Display (LED): It has special material called polarizer which charges and produces pixels.
    • The following figures are CRT monitors and LED monitors respectively


  • It is an output device that prints text or images on paper or other media.
  • There are different kinds of printers, which vary in their speed and print quality.
  • The two main types of printers are impact and non-impact printers.
  • The following figure shows the types.

Impact Printers

It includes all printers that print by sticking an ink ribbon. Impact printers use a print head containing a number of metal pins which strike an inked ribbon placed between the print head and the paper. There are two types of printers of this kind; they are:
  • Line printer
  • Serial printer is otherwise called as Dot matrix printer

Dot matrix Printer

  • It is the most commonly used printer.
  • It prints one character at a time, with print head moving across a line.
  • They are similar to type writers.
  • They are normally slow.
  • The printing speed is around 300 characters per second.
  • It uses multipart stationeries to prepare copies of a document.
  • These days 24 pin DMP's are also available in market offering more quality and more features.

Non-impact Printers

They are naturally limited speed printers and cost consideration has led to the development of printers called non-impact printers. There are varieties of printers of this kind. They are Thermal, Laser and Inkjet printers. Let us learn them in detail.

Thermal Printers

  • It is a device which uses an electric pulse, which can be converted to heat on selected section of a printing head on wires.
  • When the heat is applied to the heat sensitive paper, a character is printed.
  • The following figure is an example for thermal printer

Note: Thermal printer is also called Fax Machine, which helps to transfer data from one place to another through telephones.

Inkjet Printers

  • They use high-velocity stream of ink towards the paper.
  • They use colour cartridges which combine magenta, yellow and cyan inks to create tones.
  • A black cartridge is also used for crisp monochrome output.
  • Inkjet printers work by spraying ionizing ink at a sheet of paper.
  • Magnetized plates in the ink's path direct the ink into the paper in the describe shape.
  • The following figure shows you the sample of an inkjet printer.

Laser Printer

  • They use a laser beam and dry powdered ink to produce a fine dot matrix pattern.
  • It can produce very good quality of graphic images.
  • One of the chief characteristics of laser printers is their resolution #9;range from 300dpi at the low end, to around 1200 dpi at the high end.
  • They are used for office copier technology.
  • The speed is relatively high.
  • The cost performance trade offs often make selection of satisfactory printer difficult.

Note: dpi stands for dots per inch, i.e., the pixels are calculated in dpi units.


  • Speakers are used to deliver the sound from the computer.

  • It works in the form of electric current from the sound card and then converts it to sound format.

  • It is used in the development of adequate presentations.

  • It includes its own digital signal processing circuitry for concert hall effects.

  • It can be connected with a woofer to produce high quality sound.

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