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Ports are used to connect computer devices to external devices. The connecting points are called ports. They are of different types. They are
  • Serial ports

  • Parallel ports

  • Bluetooth

  • USB

Serial ports

  • Serial ports are a serial communication interface through which information are transferred.

  • Data are transferred out or in-one bit at a time.

  • Interfaces such as Ethernet, firewire etc., help to send data.

  • The following figure shows the serial port.

Parallel Port

  • It is a type of interface found in the computer for connecting various peripherals.

  • It is also used to connect printers.

  • Hence it is called as printer port.

  • It is adapted to access a number of peripheral devices than other printers.

  • It is used to connect modem, soundcards etc.

  • The following figure shows the parallel port

USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port

  • It is a serial bus standard device connected to a host computer.

  • It uses single standardized interface socket to improve plug and play operation.

  • It connects printers, plotters, scanners, mice, joystick, web cameras, keyboards etc.

  • It uses an AC adapter for connection.

  • The following figure shows the USB.

Blue tooth

  • It is a telecommunication industry specification that describes how mobile phones, PDA can be easily
  • interconnected using a short range wireless communication.
  • It is an open wireless protocol for exchange of data.
  • It can connect several devices for solving the problem of synchronization.
  • They require low cost transceiver chip be included in each device.
  • The maximum range it covers is up to 10meters.
Note: Blue tooth was originally taken from the wireless cable RS232.

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