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Services to Consumers

  1. Regular Availability of Products: The central service of a retailer to customers is to maintain regular availability of different products from various producers. This helps the buyers to choose products according to their desires from a range of products and buy them when needed.
  2. New Products Information: By arranging for effective display of products and through their personal selling efforts, retailers give necessary information about the arrival, special features, etc., of newcomers to the consumers and serve as an important factor in the decision making process for the buying of those goods.
  3. Convenience in Buying: Retailers normally buy goods in a large scale and sell them in a small scale, according to the needs of their consumers. Also, they are usually located very near to the residential areas and mostly remain open. This gives great convenience to the consumers in purchasing products of their needs.
  4. Wide Selection: Retailers normally keep stock of various products of different producers. This helps the customers to make their choice out of a wide variety of goods.
  5. After-sales Services: Retailers give vital after-sales services in the form of home delivery, supply of spare parts and attending to customers and this becomes an important factor in the buyers' decision for repeat purchase of the goods.
  6. Provide Credit Facilities: The retailers few times give credit facilities to their regular buyers and this helps the latter to increase their level of consumption and thus their standard of living.

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