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Services to Manufacturers and Wholesalers

  1. Help in Distribution of Goods: The most important service to the wholesalers and producers by the retailers is to give help in the distribution of their goods by making these available to the final customers, who may be scattered over a large location.
  2. Personal Selling: In the process of sales of most consumer products, some amount of personal selling effort is also required. By carrying out these personal efforts, the retailers relieve the manufacturers of this activity and enormously help them in the process of actualizing the sales of the products.
  3. Enabling Large-scale Operations: Owing to retailer's services, the producers and wholesale merchants are relieved from the botheration of making individual sales to customers in small scales. This helps them to operate at comparatively larger grounds, and thereby fully concentrate on their other activities.
  4. Collecting Market Information: As retailers have a direct and continuous touch with the consumers, they serve as an important source of gathering market information about the tastes, preferences and attitudes of buyers. Such information is very needy in taking crucial marketing decisions in any organization.
  5. Help in Promotion: Every now and then, producers and distributors have to perform various promotional activities so that they can increase the sale of their products like for example, they have to advertise their products and offer short-term incentives in the form of coupons, free gifts, sales contests, and so on. Retailers take part in such activities in various ways and, thereby, help to promote the sale of the products.

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