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Vending Machines

These type of machines are the latest revolution in marketing techniques. Coin operated vending machines prove to be useful in selling several things like hot beverages, platform tickets, milk, soft drinks, chocolates, newspaper, etc., in a lot of countries. Other than some of these products mentioned above, the recent area in which this concept is getting popular in many parts of our country (particularly in the urban areas) is the case of Automated Teller machines (ATM) in the banking service. As the name suggests, these machines have totally changed the ideology of banking and made it possible to withdraw money at any hour without visiting any branch of a bank. They can be useful for selling pre-packed brands of less rated goods which have a large turnover and which are uniform in size and weight. However, the initial capital of installing a vending machine and the expenses for their regular maintenance and repair are quite high. Also customers will not be able to feel or see the product before purchasing and don't have the opportunity of returning unwanted goods. Other than that, special packages are suppose to be developed for the machines. These machines are suppose to be made reliable in their functions . Even after having these limitations, with the development in the economy, vending machines have a promising future in retail sales of high turnover and less expensive consumer products.

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