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Goods being Exported to foreign countries are entirely different from marketing products. One has to be aware of various product formalities that need to be complied with before goods are shipped. To improve, facilitate and promote trade, government gives several incentive schemes to international firms for import of goods at zero or concessional rates of customs duty to be utilized in manufacture of products intended for exports; exemption of payment of various other duties and taxes; and execute their import-export transactions in a manageable environment making the operations simple and not complicated. The government has not failed to set up wide variety of organisations to gather and broadcast information about international markets, enhance the prospects of exports of specific products, train executives of international business firms, and ensure good quality and packaging of export goods. At the international plane, several organisations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Trade Organisation (WTO) are existing in order to speed up the pace of development and trade amongst the nations. This chapter portrays major steps and documentation involved in foreign trade. The chapter also identifies and examines the role played by various trade promotion organizations and the procedures involved up for promotion of international business. The concluding section of the chapter talks about an analysis of major international institutions that function at the global level to uphold world development and trade.

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